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Service and Assistance Dogs

For a very long time, Steve has been helping people train dogs for many roles, and none more important than training dogs to assist people.

Whether the goal was to help people with emotional, psychiatric, mental health, medical needs, anxiety or depression problems, Steve has been involved in teaching the dogs how to behave in given circumstances.

Sometimes, the only assistance a dog needs to provide is companionship throughout the persons life. But that can be impossible if the dog does not have a stable temperament, or has behaviour problems or simply lacks the “Life Skills” to function appropriately in public, around other people, children and dogs.

The RIGHT dog

Steve is skilled at temperament assessments to determine the suitability of the dog for the role, this can help you avoid spending time with a dog that is not capable of the help you need.

Setting up for success

It is incredibly important to effectively socialise puppies that will be assistance dogs with the view to them being neutral to other people and dogs.

We want our Assistance dogs to focus heavily on the person they are assisting so, it is vitally important the development program is aimed at exactly this.

Steve has been an avid proponent of neutrality as a socialisation goal for more than 20 years, so he is adept at producing dogs like this.

Obedience and Life Skills

An assistance dog should be able to function in obedience anywhere, not just at home when you have food in your hand.

Our goal is to help you get your dog working exactly how you “need” the dog to work.

Steve’s experience over the past 3 decades is on your side here!

Below, see Brock and Emma, both dogs are assisting their human in hospital.