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Policing and Personal Protection Dogs

Steve is a Nationally Accredited Law Enforcement Dog Trainer and has been training dogs to find and stop people for nearly 30 years.

When I train a dog I focus heavily on the goal the owner or the department needs and set up exceeding those goals.

In this day and age, there are many violent and heinous crimes being committed against us by those who care little for others safety, rights and well being. People can find themselves in employment positions that have turned them into a person of interest for a number of reasons including financial gain, access or information harvesting.

Perhaps you have become a target by someone who is avoiding incarceration or perhaps you are your ex partners point of focus or a disgruntled employee thinks he needs to get even?

We can locate, source, train, test and supply high level Personal Protection Dogs to those that need them. The dog we would supply you would be social in a public environment, friendly with your friends and children and their friends too.

He or she would be trained to a standard that will make taking the dog on a walk or perhaps to work with you a pleasureful experience.

On your command or in the event that someone attacks you, the dog will respond with adequate force to keep you safe from the attack and will disengage on your command also.

Does your department need a dog that can locate and apprehend criminals? If so I not only focus on the bite work but the ability for the dog to focus and locate the POI. Then when push comes to shove I will make sure the dog is extremely effective and controlling the situation.

We have contacts in many countries that we source very high end dogs from and we also breed Working Line Belgian Malinois that are more than capable of exceeding any need that you have. You can see our breed website here.

If you have an exitsing dog and you wish to train your dog in Personal Protection, we can test your dog and establish if your dog has the necessary temperament traits to effectively work in this manner.

In any or all cases, email us on and we will advise you how best we can help.