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Nosework Course

Steve runs a starter Nosework course for people who would like to get started in the sport of Noseworks.

This course is around 10 hours long and usually done over a couple of months, but it can also be run in a 2 day format.

You begin with 3 x 2 hour lessons and then drop back to 2 x 1 hour lessons then one 2 hour at the end.

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This course includes: –

  • Developing drive
  • A communication system
  • Odour Imprinting
  • Handling skills
  • Search area definition
  • Environment challenges
  • How the nose actually works
  • Overcoming distractions and challenges
  • Building search procedures and skills
  • Building duration

What will this course give you?

You will develop a better understanding of dog training and how to motivate your dog to do anything.

In most cases you will have a dog that will be able to pass an Odour Recognition test up to a dog that can do a complete Nosework trial.

Your dogs previous training, drive, genetics, your ability to learn all come into play, but expect to do well, have fun and learn loads!

Just email to find out more.

Fast, accurate and driven with no handler help.