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-FORM- Client Information Sheet – Training Lesson with Bec

This is the form we require you to complete before your initial consult with our trainer Bec.

As Bec sees many new puppy owners, some areas of this form may not be able to be completed if you have not yet bought your puppy home or have only just got your puppy. For those parts of the form please just enter N/A where applicable.

Please note you will not be redirected to the payment screen to finalise your booking until you submit this form.

Booking Contract

  • Although we will strive to provide you the best results possible, we will not guarantee that this consult will achieve a certain result or level of training. This is because the training will be limited by your input, uptake of the information supplied and or course the dogs ability.
  • Any training equipment you use or purchase to train your dog is done so at your own risk and by your own decision. This is not related to the warranties on the products but any implications that may or may not arise out of its use, misuse or possession.
  • The training facility is provided for your convenience, some forms of dog training can be very active thus hazardous; you attend the consult and train your dog totally at your own risk.
  • A K9 Pro client has the benefit of all our knowledge, we will from time to time issue you written notes on training steps, behaviour modification etc, these notes are protected by copyright and provided for your use only.

    They are given to you after we have evaluated the temperament of your dog, and may not be suitable for another dog of a different temperament.

    They are not for discussion on public forums or to be published without written permission of the author. We may or may not photograph or video part or all of the session for records, please let us know if you would like this not to happen. Our training facility has security cameras recording 24/7 for use in an investigation should a robbery or crime take place.
  • Working with aggressive dogs can unleash variables in your dogs’ temperament.

    One common variable that may be seen, but not limited to, is a trait known as handler aggression. An example of this is where your dog, whilst being tested, trained or stressed may turn and bite you as the handler.

    This is usually done out of frustration and the bite is rarely severe, but handlers should know the risks before training in this type of work.

    All injuries sustained if any cannot be regarded as negligence on the part of K9 Pro or its employees or contractors.
  • This event is designed toward the pet owner and dog enthusiast, not professional dog trainers.

    This event will not constitute a level of training that a professional trainer can advertise as a level of achievement with K9 Pro.

    We have professional dog training courses available for professional trainers.
  • I have read and accept the terms listed in the Cancellation Policy
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Client info sheet - Bec

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