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Dog Behaviour Consultations

When your dog has a behaviour problem, simple obedience training may not be the solution, or it may be only part of the solution. Where we think most dog owners make the biggest mistakes is trying to diagnose and treat their dogs themselves or with a person who is not skilled in dog behaviour.

Most people don’t know this but you will not get unlimited chances at truly modifying your dogs behaviour, in fact the more things you try and then give up on, the more resilient your dog is going to be to change.

Dog Behaviour Consultations
Steve working with a highly reactive GSD

This begs the question “so how do I know what to try or do?” Well the true answer is that you need to work with someone who has actually treated quite a number of dogs successfully who started in the same place as you are.

There are many well meaning (and not so well meaning) people who would have you believe they can treat your dogs problem, but they never have actually even tried before. Do you really want to subject your dog to experimentation?

Steve has 30 plus years of experience working with people and their dogs, he is a Nationally Accredited Behaviourist, Nationally Accredited Dog Obedience Trainer, Nationally Accredited Law Enforcement Dog Trainer and ANKC Registered Breeder.

You know you are in good hands when it comes to getting advice for your dog when you come to Steve.

One of the most important things you need to get right from the start is the Diagnosis, you need to be sure that you understand the root cause of your dogs behaviour so that you a re not in any way contributing or reinforcing that behaviour.

The program Steve will design will include not only how to modify your dogs behaviour, but how to manage your dog/s until the behaviour is modified. This in itself is probably going to be more of an instant relief than you might think and it of course then stops the rehearsal of the behaviour, which means no more reinforcement.

Steve will often work with you and your trainer, club or vet to help make sure all is in order.

A Dog Behaviour Consultation will include a discussion about your dog, your home life, your goals, dog problems etc and we will be asking you to complete a detailed information sheet before the Consult date. Steve will read this sheet before your consult and have questions about it in most cases.

Steve will often cover a number of training techniques also and there will be a demonstration of the techniques and this may include teaching your dog the behaviours also. Then Steve will often ask you to work your dog so he can help you get this side going well before you leave.

Something that you must be aware of is that; Your dog will not be “fixed” in two hours, it may have taken many months, weeks or even years to create and solidify these behaviours so they wont be gone in minutes.

You will need to go home and work your dog in the programs that Steve has supplied you, you will also need to send Steve email updates or you can book a Phone Consultation with Steve to update him; but you will need to work with your dog at home and update Steve or you will not get results.

Behaviour Modification in dogs and in humans is a process that takes place over a period of time, Steve will not let you work for months, or even weeks without seeing progress, you will see progress every day with your dog, and although sometimes people will say the change was miraculous, expect a few weeks worth of work every day to have a solid change in behaviour.

We know that you might like to dedicate many hours per day to the rehabilitation of your dog, but life gets in the way right? That happens to us too, so most of Steve’s programs only ask about 15 – 30 minutes per day, often split into a few sessions of a few minutes each.

Getting Results

If you follow these steps, we guarantee you will have success: –

  • Make a booking and pencil it into your diary
  • Complete the Client Information Sheet that we link you too after you have made the booking
  • Follow the advice on how to prepare for your consultation
  • Arrive 10 minutes early so we are ready to start on time
  • Come in with an open mind, you will learn plenty and your dog will too.
  • Listen and make notes, you will need to start training right away
  • When your program arrives, keep working.
  • As per Steve’s request, send him updates

We have worked with thousands of people, and a very high percentage of those people have gotten extraordinary results, but not all of them have. Some people mean well but really don’t commit to the training, they don’t send updates and hence they don’t get results.

Some people have said just standing near Steve has motivated them, but in reality there will be work to do. We could write 99.99999% success but the truth is that there are some variables. There is you, the dog and Steve, as you control two thirds of the team you control two thirds of the outcome. We want to be 100% honest with you on this point.

At times, the behaviour your dog is displaying may be dangerous or frighten you, if the case is serious, in some circumstances, Steve will take your dog and it can live with him at K9 Pro HQ for a period of time, in that time Steve will implement the program for you and get started. This is not an option for every dog as we truly believe that by training the steps yourself;f, you will build a deeper bond with your dog.

Steve wants to help you, and help your dog even more so, but he needs your help.