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K9Pro Blog – Steve posts many articles here

Steve’s Dogs – Herzhund Malinois

Puppy selection, imprinting, management and training.

  • If you are a breeder and wish to learn more about the process Steve uses to imprint the puppies he breeds, we have courses and workshops on that.
  • If you want to get a puppy for your next pet, working dog or dog sport prospect, Steve can help by temperament testing the litter and perhaps recommending breeders who have suitable dogs.
  • If you are bringing a puppy home soon, don’t leave it to chance, Steve will design you a custom program to suit your specific goals.
  • Puppy training is no joke, the best trainers around the world start training their puppies when they are young, Steve will show you the best way to get started.


Behaviour Therapy, rehabilitation, diagnosis and training.

  • Working on behaviour problems is a lot different to obedience training, Steve can help you unravel the problems and get to a common place to work from with his simple and easy to follow systems. It doesn’t matter what you have or haven’t done right, Steve is only interested in helping get your dog right.
  • It doesn’t matter if your dog is fearful, aggressive, dominant or submissive, he has seen it all and worked with some of the most dangerous dogs in the world, you will not find Steve out of his depth.
  • If your out of hope and you think the only thing left to do is euthanise your dog, come and see Steve, there IS a way.
  • Try a Phone Consult, invest just 30 minutes and see what we can do.


Real World Obedience, off leash and recall training.

  • Have you ever been told that you cant teach your dog to come when he or she is off leash?
  • Have you been told that certain breeds cannot be trained?
  • Have you been to a trainer and what they gave you just has not worked? (And you really did TRY!).
  • Have you tried to teach your dog not to pull on leash but it just is not working?

There are dogs that for certain that are more difficult to train than others, but you know Steve has been training dogs professionally for 30 PLUS years. Not we have 8 trainers here and all their experience = 30 years! Whilst we agree that not all dogs are easy, we are just not telling people “sorry it can’t be done”.

When we work with an owner who IS dedicated and will TRY every day, the results come.

So if it is not the dog that is the problem, it is either the training program your following or you, come and find out which.

See this page for more details on Real World Dog Training.

Competition Obedience

Steve is known far and wide for his Training in Drive System, he has been working on this program for 20 years! When Steve started with this highly motivational system, other trainers told him it was not going to go anywhere, one trainer said “my skill is calming dogs down, not revving them up“. Now would you believe that same person is trying it out!

Steve may have been ahead of his time with this program but it is very current in world level dog sports now. If you want your dog bounding with enthusiasm but maintaining precision, its time to book a lesson with Steve.

Steve has a detailed “system”, a tried and tested system that has produced many winners and still is producing them today. If you are a competitor in Dog sports you can’t afford not to see what this is about.

Law Enforcement Consultancy

Steve has worked with various Law Enforcement Departments in Australia, from Police, Armed Forces, Correctional Services and Customs and AQIS, he can help design programs and create solutions for problems encountered within these fields.

Steve offers ongoing consultancy to departments and officers, courses both short and detailed and also hands on evaluation of canines and handlers operations and tactics.

Workshops and Seminars

Steve has presented at over 200 events, people keep coming back to see and hear Steve work his magic with dogs…