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Initial Consultation Multiple Dogs


There is a full description of this service here.

Your initial consult will span for the hours you select (either 2 or 3) and will include some theory, testing, practical and demonstration with your dog.

We never take your dog out of your care and explain everything that will happen in detail before proceeding with any training.

Once purchased you will need to complete the Client Information Sheet



In almost all cases it is of huge benefit to you and your dog to have a follow up appointment after a number of days or weeks.

In this follow up Steve will measure your progress and help you with anything you are struggling with and add the next steps to your program. This will be of greatest benefit to you so that you can continue to improve your dog.

An option above is a package which includes an Initial 2 Hour Consult with a follow up 2 hour lesson, by choosing this option now you will save $59.00