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Phone Video Consultation

You need help with your dog and you feel that Steve Courtney is the right person to help you with a dog training or behaviour problem, but you live too far away, perhaps in another state or country?

We can narrow that gap by offering you time slots for training with Steve via telephone or Skype if you have it.

Phone ConsultationSteve has been offering Phone Consultations for a number of years now and this can even be a useful option that people will use between actual lessons or consults too. When Steve needs to see a certain aspect of training, he may ask you to video it (just on your phone is fine) and send it to him or through Skype video he could watch it live.

We would love it if everybody could come to our facility or Steve attend your location, but we know when that isn’t possible, it is certainly useful to speak on the phone.

Currently we offer phone consultations of 30 minute sessions, you can book 1 or as many as you like.

How do you proceed with a Phone Consultation?

First you contact our office staff by either phoning us on 02 45 789 789 Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm and our staff will help you make the booking for a Phone or video Consultation. You can also make this booking via email on

Once you are booked in, make a list of things that you would like to talk to Steve about and when your consult starts, you can give Steve this list and he will organise your time efficiently to cover your topics.

You can also email your list of questions or video via email too.

Phone Consultations

We will give you a number to call and you can discuss any matter you like with Steve within your time. Although Steve cannot see your dog, he is a master at deciphering situations and showing you the way forward.

Some people shared the benefits from their phone consult:-

“Solid, clearly presented instructions that suited my situation”

“The advice I got worked just like Steve said it would”

“I wanted to get a feel for how Steve trained before booking a lesson, speaking to him I knew he was the trainer for me and my dog (and he was!)”

“I needed some advice fast, I was in legal trouble with my dog and I needed direction,  and I got it, massive help.”

“My dog had been perfect for 5 years, then he bit two people in one day. Called Steve, he advised vet check, found ear infection, problem solved. Was told by others to put my dog down.”

“I wanted to get K9Pro’s help but was not sure if I needed board and rehab, high intensity or lessons, Steve talked through my dogs issues one by one and recommended the exact service I needed and why”.

“I had tried a few trainers and spent lots of money and time, everyone kept telling me to go see Steve, but I was sick of spending money and getting nothing, a phone consult helped me very quickly figure out that these guys were different. I booked a lesson and between that and one follow up lesson, the problem was well under control”

Video – Skype or Facebook Messenger

This consult is visual and Steve will be able to use the whiteboard and dogs if necessary to demonstrate to you what you may need to do.

We find this can narrow the distance even further and point out detailed examples for you.

Things like reward placement, handling techniques, use of equipment, use of rewards and of course it works where Steve can see what you and your dog are doing too!


We feel that this is an extremely valuable service and dog owners do too as Steve averages four to six phone consults every week.

If Steve is unable to help you, for any reason or you are not 100% happy with the information you received, we will give you a full refund, no problem at all.

Ready to Book?

We are waiting to hear from you on 02 45 789 789 (9-5 Mon-Fri) or send us an  email.

Steve conducting a video consult