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Obedience training your dog

This phrase “Obedience training your dog” always sees me have to ask a lot of questions to establish what type of Obedience training the client is talking about. There is of course Competition Obedience which can be broken down into three dog sports: –

  • Rally O
  • ANKC
  • IPO

Or they may be talking about a dog that just does what it is told, therefor is “obedient”.

One may think that one should be the same for all of these categories but of course that isn’t true. “Real World” Obedience may not necessarily look polished or pretty but it should be reliable in all life’s situations, whilst the dog sports have a number of different exercises that need to be taught to the dog and polished to look as per the clients and judges requirements.

IPO for example is a very stylised form of work that looks amazing to watch and it takes intensive training to get it right.

This video shows a dog that I bred with one of my clients Henna.

Whether you are looking for superb work like in the video or your just beginning in dog sports or you have a family pet that you want to be more obedient, I have programs designed to take you from where ever you are to where ever you need to be…