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Introducing your dog to your baby

Steve is a father of 3, Tyler, Hunter and Mackenzie, and although he has offered this course for many years, the content has evolved since having children of his own. Introducing your dog to your baby when you have a dog or dogs that aren’t behaving well course is in high demand.

Introducing your dog to your baby
This is not the right idea

Unfortunately most people wait util they come home with their baby and their dog behaves in a way they hoped he or she wouldn’t, then they seek help. There is little that can be done instantly and one of the reasons is that you will be busy with your new addition and no time for rehabilitation (or much else!).

We urge you that if you think you are having a baby, please look at the options below or give a call or email us now.

Steve says “The original course certainly was a great program for acclimating the baby into the home with the dog/s, but it really did not take into account the time, sleep and patience shortage every new parent suffers. So after having children of my own, I redesigned the goal to make sure the dog in the house was not a burden at this time and tried to aim to create harmony, well as best as possible with a new baby in the house!“.

If you have a baby on the way, no matter how well behaved your dog/s are, you would be wise to look at one of these courses. Arriving home with a new baby to find out that your dog has some issue with the little one or you now, or the small problem he had before has escalated, is not going to be easy to deal with when you have a new baby to care for, getting little sleep etc.

There are four courses listed out below that you can choose from, each has a different approach to the home situation that you have currently.

Baby Preparation Course (Online)

Stage 1 is starting at least 8 weeks before your due date, this Online Course is simply a check list to make sure that everything is in place and also covers training and or solidifying some other behaviours. The first weeks of the course will test your dog for some behaviours and you will be able to give feedback on those. Steve will reply to this feedback and ensure that all is on track.

Stage 2 of this course is to take the information gained in Stage 1 and teach, train and proof new behaviours or modify existing ones. There are a number of training programs available in your Supplementary Articles Library. In this library that you are free to access, you will be pointed to programs that Steve feels are mandatory to ensure a smooth transitional period, and other articles that you are free to read and take up if you wish.

Stage 3 is a Phone Consultation with Steve to clear up any questions or problems that you might have and just to ensure that all is on track for the big day, and days following.

At any stage of this program if you feel things are not going to plan, you can upgrade to the next levels.

Included are: –

  • Access to the Online program
  • Access to the Supplementary Articles Library
  • Weekly email support
  • Phone Consultation (1 x 30 minutes)

* Best started at least 4 weeks from your due date, but the earlier the better.

Baby Preparation Course with Behaviour Modification Consultation

If you are concerned that your dog may not get along with your baby or just want Steve to assess your dog, this is the choice for you.Introducing your dog to your baby

Stage 1 of this program is a consultation with Steve at our facility (or your home if necessary). There will be a detailed questionnaire that you will receive before your appointment where you and your partner can give your insights in detail about your dog and your concerns.

Steve will have access to this before your appointment and will be able to discuss these points with you and assess your dog/s as well.

Some training will be done to show you how to teach, train and manage your dog and Steve will give you feedback on the suitability of your dogs temperament with a child.

Stage 2 is that when you arrive home, you will receive a written program specifically about your dog and your current situation, and of course how to train your dog in preparation of the new family member.

There is support for this program offered via weekly email and phone consultations to make sure all is well.

Stage 3 is going to be dependent on how you are feeling. It can be another consultation with Steve at your home if needed.

Included are: –

  • 3 Hour Behaviour Consultation
  • Program design and implementation
  • Weekly email support
  • Phone Consultations (2 x 30 minutes)
  • Stage 3 depends on if you need the second consult or not.

* Best started at least 8 weeks before your due date.

Baby Preparation Course with in house management plan

If you really need this to go right and your not sure how your dog will get along with your baby, and perhaps your dog has an existing problem, this is the best option for you.

Stage 1 will include you completing the questionnaire and sending this to Steve. Steve will attend your house and assess your dog and your living arrangements with your dog/s. He will then highlight the changes that need to be made to ensure that things flow smoothly when baby comes home.

Steve will teach you how to maintain the training and make sure that you are feeling confident. This visit to your home is 3 – 4 hours long, so yes it is quite in depth.

Stage 2 is that Steve will email you a written program specific to your dog and support you through the next few weeks. You will also receive a phone consult with Steve at the end of each week between stages 1 and 3.

Stage 3 is that Steve will come back to your home for a check up to make sure that everything is in place and going well, tidy up any small things that have surfaced and make sure that you are on the right track. You will continue to receive email support until baby is born.

Stage 4 is that when you are home from hospital, you will receive another phone consult to check all is going well. Steve will want to speak to you and your partner if available at this time to make sure that the humans are doing OK too.

Included are: –

3 – 4 Hour long consult in your home with Steve

Assess your dog and circumstances

Report written and emailed with detailed programs for you to follow

Phone Consultations (4 x 30 minutes)

1 – 3 Hour long follow up consultation

* Best started at least 8 weeks before your due date

Behaviour Problem Rehabilitation

If you know or suspect that your dog has a behaviour problem that will have a negative impact on the new addition arriving home, we will take your dog for a few weeks before and a few weeks after the birth of your child. In this time Steve will design a program and assign a carer for your dog here at our facility.

Your dogs carer will be the same person every day, that exercises, trains and feeds your dog every day in conjunction with Steve.

Sometimes the risks are too great and we can avoid the pressure point of arriving home with a new baby and having to face, manage and or deal with a serious problem.

Your dog would leave your home approximately 2 weeks before your due date, he or she will settle into their new surroundings and acclimate to them. After this has occurred (traditionally a couple of days) Steve will assess your dog and forward that written assessment to you and will then discuss it live through a phone consultation.

You will have full control of the program in such that Steve will highlight where changes need to be made and explain how he will be making them.

You will receive email updates weekly which will include a video of your dog in training with his or her carer.

The week before you will pick up your dog, we encourage you to come out for a visit and Steve will spend an hour with you and your dog demonstrating what changes we have made and showing you how to introduce your dog back into the family so that this can be a smooth transition.

This can then be followed with a phone consult or future consults if need be, of course this is dependent on the situation more than anything.

Included are: –

  • 4 weeks board and rehabilitation at our facility
  • Assessment of your dog by Steve and he will supply you a written report
  • 3 x 15 minute sessions per day with Steve
  • 3 x 15 minute sessions with your dogs carer per day
  • An exercise program that you will be able to continue when your dog comes home
  • A 1 hour private session with Steve in which he will update you on your dogs training (normally happens a week before your dog comes home)
  • A 2 hour integration lesson in your home when your dog is coming home.
  • 3 x 30 minute phone consults. 2 whilst your dog is here and 1 after your dog has gone home

* You will need to book in advance but your dog will leave your home 2 weeks before your due date

This package is available to anyone who wishes to uptake it, your dog doesn’t have to be at a certain level of problematic behaviour, it just may be the best option for you.

When you arrive home with your baby, know that you will have probably been living at the hospital for a few days, and that your dogs will have missed you and they will want your undivided attention when you arrive home; but your baby will demand that attention for perhaps some time and you wont be able to do everything.

Its then that visitors arriving causing barking, nuisance barking, lack of exercise and mental stimulation all kick in on top of any existing problems your dog had before and the situation becomes unlivable. We have had many people call up at their wits end desperate for help and of course some don’t call, they just take the dog to the pound.

Many people say they would never do this but when your sleep deprived and it seems your dog is on a mission to make you angry, it happens much easier than you might think.

The options offered here go from helping you pro actively restructure your dogs behaviour right through to us taking your dog for a few weeks whilst you try and get your life in order after baby.

We will take the stress of the dog away from you and help with training a dog that is much better behaved, quiet and respectful and that has exposure to children and taught how to appropriately behave.

This is not a service so much for your dog but for you, you are buying yourself one less (major) hassle.

This is a great page with a great video that you really need to watch.

To find out more, please give us a call Monday to Friday 9 – 5pm. or email us on