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Cynophobia – Fear of dogs

Cynophobia is the abnormal fear of dogs, and anxiety condition that can be debilitating to those that suffer it. Some people live with this fear every day but there are helpful options available.

Steve offers a 6 week, 1 hour per week course that can be taken either in conjunction with your psychologist or psychiatrist or on your own. Steve does not attempt to counsel you on thisFear of dogs phobia but instead help you understand dog behaviour and how to read dog behaviour so that you can get a better understanding of dogs.

There are no dogs in this course at all, you will not be made to face your fears at all, but guided through a course that can help you identify with dogs through education.

There are digital presentations, diagrams and statistics that help people gain a more rational view of dogs in our community.

Who can benefit from this course: –

  • Those who are in any way nervous, fearful or phobic of dogs
  • Psychologists and Psychiatrists can confidently send their clients to this course as a resource
  • Those who have been bitten or attacked by a dog and need to understand why
  • Those who were raised in a family that did not have dogs and you have not been exposed to them.

Cynophobia (fear of dogs)can be a debilitating, self destroying condition, people who have done this course universally say that they feel better in the presence of dogs after doing it.

* The utmost professional confidentiality is applied to all those doing this course.

** Course is one on one with Steve and participant only, these are not group classes.