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Board and Rehab 5 week intensive package

The 5 week package is an intensive behaviour therapy program that is designed for dogs which have undesirable behaviour problems ingrained and where other training systems have proved ineffective.

This is a 35 night stay with us at K9Pro and the program is designed for dogs that are exhibiting moderate to serious behaviour problems such as: –

  • Lunging on Leash
  • Recall problems
  • Disobedience
  • Severe Dog Aggression
  • Human Aggression
  • Redirected Aggression
  • Anxiety/Nervousness
  • Dominance – Rank Aggression
  • Other behaviour problems

In this program we will teach and train your dog the steps in our groundwork programs which may include:

  • Setting a routine that is achievable by you and your dog
  • Calm Leash Walking
  • Sit and or Down
  • Teaching Impulse control
  • Recall Training
  • Implement a Communication and Reward system
  • Addressing any known or listed unwanted behaviours such as jumping, nipping, stealing food, dog aggression, human aggression, nervousness etc.

At the completion of your dogs stay we will go through a 1 hour handover session with you and show you what we have been teaching, demonstrate this with your dog and coach you on how you can also get your dog to behave the same way for you at home.

It is VITAL that when your dog goes home he or she will be housed, managed, trained, rewarded, fed and live as he or she did here, for at least 8 – 10 weeks. We want you to have success and we will do everything we can to HELP you get success, but you will have to do the work.

Your dog will be fed either a Raw Diet with Supplements or Premium Dry food (dry food you will need to supply) whilst your dog stays with us. We mostly hand feed your dog and it will really help if you do this too with all or most of your dogs food for at least 2 months. Food here is a REWARD, this REINFORCES Behaviour.

Your dog will get a minimum of 30 minutes exercise per day in at least 2 sessions and additionally we will invest the necessary time to modify your dogs behaviour.

In most cases we will start by running as many as 6 training sessions per day with your dog, this is mostly governed by your dogs ability to learn, deal with the new surroundings, rules and boundaries and how much reward the dog finds rewarding.

As your dog progresses, we will likely take your dog into a public place like our local town and work your dog there for maybe two 45 minute sessions, or more if your dog needs it.

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