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Board Only Agreement

Board Only Legal

  • Your dog will be staying somewhere that your dog is not used to and this can be unsettling at first. We will endeavour to provide a safe, secure environment to board and house your dog whilst your dog stays with us and make your dog as comfortable as we can.

    Your dog may spend a fair amount of time outside in our runs, exercising on our land, swimming in our dam and or pool and may come in contact with lots of natural habitat such as dirt, rocks, hills, water, grass, concrete, fencing and many humans.

    Your dog may get dirty, a scratch or two, a bump or even a bruise just as you would get if you went on a camping weekend, these are experiences that dogs enjoy but they are physical.

    As your dogs owner you acknowledge that there are certain risks in everything and boarding is not without these risks. K9Pro and Steve Courtney will employ all measures to prevent and avoid all injury or risk to your dog but cannot be held liable for unforeseen circumstances, claims, loss, liabilities, costs or expenses, actions or suits.

  • At times throughout your dogs stay, we may use tools that assist us in controlling your dogs behaviour if we feel that his or her behaviour may be detrimental to his or her well being.

    These may include (depending on your dog and the problems you are trying to manage)

    • Food rewards or reward toys
    • Tugs and flirt poles
    • Exercise (running, swimming, treadmill, fitballs etc)
    • Harnesses
    • Correction collars
    • Long lines and Leashes
    • Muzzles (if aggressive)
    • Anti Bark Devices if your dog is barking uncontrollably

    These are used in conjunction with the correct behaviour modification techniques and only used as necessary to move forward in behaviour and training.

    We will always discuss these options with you if we feel we need to control a behaviour.

  • If in the event that we feel your dog is sick, is feeling unwell for an extended period of time or we believe that your dog is in pain or has injured themselves, we will consult with our vet and take what we feel at the time necessary action.

    We will always try to contact you first but in case of emergency we will always do what is best for your dog first.

    Any expenses occurred will be directly passed onto you as the dogs owner.

  • These policies are a must but have no concern, we will be doing our very best for you and your dog and these policies and waivers are mostly aimed at making everyone feel comfortable.

    Whilst your dog is staying with us, K9Pro and Staff will care for your dog as if it were our own. We will see to your dogs needs and wants and care for them to the best of our ability.

    This is a legal document that needs to be agreed upon to remove all risk to us and you so that we can work with your dog without fear or concern and you can leave your dog with us feeling safe.

    You as your dogs owner agrees that K9Pro staff and Steve Courtney will not be held liable for any loss, claims, expense, damages, injuries caused by or to the dog whilst in our care or after your dog leaves our care.

    The dog owner understands that whilst the dog is staying, working, learning or going through rehabilitation with K9Pro and Steve Courtney, we may at times photograph, video or demonstrate certain behaviours with your dog and this media may or may not be used within our training programs, videos, learning material, our website/s or Social media.

    We will also endeavour to make these available to you in our updates.

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