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Steve Courtney, Dog Trainer…


Steve’s experience has spanned around 30 years, training, breeding and working dogs in professional capacities.


His clientele are made up of primarily referrals from previous clients, pet owners looking for help, dog sports people who want to improve their skills, Government Departments, Vets, Breeders and other dog trainers and professionals.


His workshops and seminars are in high demand and sell out fast because it is known far and wide that his aim is to give as much as he can every time.


But how does that help you?


Well that is what Steve does best, he can quickly get to the root or real cause of the problem and design and help implement a strategy to get you thinking, your dog improving and the relationship developing.


Steve isn’t interested in what you “could have” or “should have” done, or making you feel bad because you have a dog that isn’t behaving or performing as well as he or she could be, he just wants to help you and your dog/s do better.


So if you are looking for someone who has real world experience, thousands of successful cases, who is Qualified and Accredited in Dog Behaviour and Training, then it is time to make a booking.


If you email us on, we will send you a detailed document detailing the training services and options we have, obligation free.


Or, if you would like to talk to a real live person, just call us direct on 02 45 789 789 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday EST.


Get Steve on your Team and you won’t look back!


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